BB Energetic Group was born with the only purpose of making this world a better world. Our products aim not only to improve people’s daily lives, but also to produce them with respect for our environment.

One of our main objectives is to be able to provide jobs to long-term unemployed people, especially those over 45 years old with family responsibilities, one of the social groups that is most suffering the economical crisis in our country.

On the other hand, we have established a solidarity payment system in which all customers who wish it, can round the price up of the purchase made and donate the price difference to any solidarity cause related to energy poverty, the environment or the universalization of new technologies. For example, if one of our customers makes an expense of 1.474€ in any of our products, we will offer them the possibility of paying 1.500€. Then they will be able to donate these 26€ of difference to any project of a closed list related to the mentioned areas.
In addition, when the company obtains a stable minimum of benefits, we will dedicate part of them to social actions.

Finally, we want to highlight the desire to create, in a future, the company’s own merchandising (cups, notebooks, pens, t-shirts, magnets…). All hand-made by people with disabilities. 50% of the price that the customer will pay for these products will also be allocated to NGO’s related to this group.

We want to take care of our environment and the people who are part of it.